Ikeda Collection

A collection of over 70,000 which the founder, Daisaku Ikeda, has collected and read since his youth. 
He donated these books to the Soka University library with the hope that “If all students who read these books use them to develop and improve themselves as individuals, then there is no greater joy than this for me”.
The collection, located on the 7th floor of Stack Room A, was established on May 8th, 1997.  
Collection includes books on philosophy, history, sociology, natural sciences, art, and other academic fields.

■For use
・Books in the Ikeda Collection can use only in the library.

The Ikeda Collection
(Commemorating the completion of renovations on April 2nd, 2008)

Daisaku Ikeda, the founder of Soka University, has continually exerted himself for the sake of peace and happiness for all people based on a philosophy of respecting life.
This based on the will and decree of the founding fathers of Soka Education and Soka Gakkai:

Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, father of Soka Education and first president of the Soka Gakkai, and Josei Toda, second president of the Soka Gakkai and Daisaku Ikeda’s mentor in life.
He has conducted over 1600 dialogues with leaders and scholars from around the world, such as Linus Pauling, a Nobel laureate for both peace and chemistry, and historian Arnold Toynbee. These dialogues have been published and translated into 38 languages and number over 960 works.
If his novels and collections of poems are included, this number climbs to 1500 works.
In recognition of his endeavors and accomplishments, over 230 honorary doctorates have been awarded upon him by universities and academic institutions.

The Ikeda Collection is a collection of books that Daisaku Ikeda read as a young man, books he used as learning materials during his years studying under his mentor, Josei Toda, and other works he collected.
The idea for this special collection was born from the founder in a speech given during the 22nd Soka University Takiyama Festival in 1993.
He said, “I now have a personal library of about 70,000 books that I have collected since I was 15.
This includes a number of books that I tried to protect during WWII by keeping them in the air-raid shelter, but many were damaged.
I would like to donate all of these books to Soka University.
Each book is very special to me and is filled with pages of memories from my life.
I hope that you can make good use of them.
” (7/3/1997) 

The Ikeda Collection was realized 4 years after this speech on May 8, 1997 and has since been a special collection of books for all those who have visited the library.
The Ikeda Collection is a treasured storehouse of books on various fields of study such as philosophy, history, politics, economics, the arts, and literature.
The opportunity to learn of the founder’s spirit from his  actions and to learn about him from the books that he read make this collection an invaluable resource for everyone at Soka University toward their development as capable individuals.

Daisaku Ikeda once said,
“We must think, take action, and learn for the sake of humanity.”
It is my hope that this collection inspires each one of you to become the protagonist and make many great achievements in your life and in the world.

To Commemorate the Renovation of the Ikeda Collection on April 2, 2008
Hideo Yamamoto
President of Soka University