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Regarding the use of library during summer break (Updated July 28)

We would like to inform you about the use of the Central Library during summer break (August 3 to September 10).
Please feel free to make use for reading and study during the break.

Available library

・Central Library, Weekdays 10:30~16:30  *Not applicable on weekends and holidays.
・For the time being, we will continue to prohibit the admission of anyone other than those enrolled in the university.

Services Available

1. Home delivery service ( The services was extended.)
* For home delivery service during the period above, please apply for books that are necessary for studying/research as much as possible.
The service is available for undergraduate students, graduate students, and students of the Distance Learning Course. 
Period: Until September 13(Sun)
* All shipping fee will be borne by the applicant after September 14 (Mon).
Number of books: Up to 5 books per day
* We would like to ask for your cooperation to have many people use the service. 
Shipping fee: Until September 13, the shipping fee (from the university to your address) will be free of charge. 
*The shipping fee for returning the books will be at your own expense.
Please check the following for details on how to use the home delivery service.
2. Using the reading room on the 2nd floor * Advance reservations required
・Available for:Students *Not applicable for Soka Women’s College students.
・Number of seats available:25
・Timings:  10:30~12:20,  13:00~16:30
* We will disinfect the desks and chairs during lunch break.
・You can use your personal computer or tablet. * Participation in classes is not possible.
3. The use of computers * Advance reservations required
・Private reading room on the 4th floor *There is a computer in the room.
・Available for:Undergraduate students, graduate students 
・Timings: 10:30~12:20、 13:00~16:30
* We will disinfect the desks, chairs and computers during lunch break.
* Cameras and headsets are not included. If you need to use the camera for an online class, please use your own device, and don’t forget to bring a headset.
Advance reservation
Please apply using the following URL, latest by the day before your visit.
The website is only in Japanese.
4. To borrow and return books 
You can enter the building without prior reservation by checking in at the time of admission.
・Available for:Students
・The maximum time allowed in the library is 30 minutes
・The application will close when the capacity is reached.
・Please come to the reception even if you are there to return books, using the book post.
・You can borrow books from other libraries (Fraser Library, Shirakaba Library, Law School Library) at Central Library. 
5. Restarting the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service.
Click here for details on how to use this service.
6. Other services * Advance reservations required
 ・Available for:Graduate Students and faculty members
1. Use of “National Diet Library Digital Collection Service” within the library.
2. Use of database: “LLI判例秘書アカデミック版”
(Timings) Weekdays 10:30~16:00  *Not applicable on weekends and holidays.
(How to apply)
・Apply by e-mail ( address: )
Subject line: “Use of National Diet Library Digital Collection Service” or “Use of database: LLI判例秘書アカデミック版”
Main message: (1) Name (2) Faculty/Department (3) Faculty/student ID number (4) The desired date and time
Please fill in the above items in the email and apply at least 3 days before the desired day of visit (excluding weekends and holidays). National Diet Library Digital Collection Service will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.
7. Services that can be used without visiting the library
We offer a number of services that you can use outside of the campus. (VPN connection will be required)

Conditions for admission

Please bring your student ID (excluding students who have not been issued a student ID such as first-year students or transferred students.)
* Those who have not been issued a student ID will be asked to confirm their name and student ID number at the service counter on the first floor when borrowing books. Please come to the library with your student ID number.
(1)Please measure your temperature at home before visiting. 
(2)When you come to library, we will ask you to take your temperature at the entrance. If you have a fever (over 37.3℃) or symptoms of a cold, we may ask you to contact the Health Center.
(3)Please refrain from visiting if you have a fever, or other symptoms of a cold.
(4)Please wear a mask.
(5)If the library is crowded, you may be restricted from entering.
(6)The maximum time allowed in the library is 30 minutes. * Excluding students who reserved the private reading room on the 4th floor, or the seating area on the 2nd floor.
(7) Before you visit the library, please search the website (OPAC) for the location and status of the materials to shorten the length of your visit.
(8)Please disinfect your hands with alcohol before entering. Alcohol disinfectant is placed near the entranced, close to the automatic borrowing machine.
(9)Please maintain a distance from the other people using the library. When you wait at a service counter, automatic borrowing machine, elevator, copy machine, etc., please keep a distance of 1m or more. Please use the elevator one person at a time.

Safety measures taken at the library

(1)Ventilation by opening windows and air conditioning
(2)Regular disinfection and cleaning of frequently used places
(3)Staff wearing masks and face shields. 
(4)Installation of vinyl sheets at the service counter.
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