Borrowing Policies

Q:How many books can I borrow and how long can I borrow them ?
A:Refer to the chart below.
Status of borrower Number of items Books(Period) AV Resources(Period) Journals(Period)
★Graduate Students
30 4 weeks 1 week 1 week
★Undergraduate Students
★Foreign Students
★Woman’s College Students
★Bekka Students
20 2 weeks 1 week N/A
★Correspondence Students 10 4 weeks 1 week N/A
★Retired Faculty and Staff 30 4 weeks 1 week N/A
Q: How do I borrow books?
A: After having the book from the reading area, bring the book along with your ID card 
       to the Service Counter on the 1st floor.
Q: How can I use AV resources?
A: DVDs and Videos are available to use only in the library.
   Bring the DVD, Video, with ID card to the Closed Stack Reception Counterⓒ 
on the 1st floor.
   Your ID card will be kept in exchange for headphones during in-library use. 
   You may use 3 items at a time. You can use these AV Resources in the DVDs corner 
on the 4th floor.
   Music CDs are available to be checked out.
   You may borrow up to 3 CDs at one time. Borrowing period is for 1 week.
   You can use the listening corner of the 4th floor reading room.
Q: Tell me about Library Schedule.
A: Basic opening time is below . <Library Schedule>
Monday-Friday 8:30-21:00
Saturday 9:00-21:00
Sunday 10:00-19:00

* Holiday ; Closed