Renew Your Books

Renewal Policies

Q : Is it possible to renew books?
A : Number or times / period depend on the status of borrower. See below.
Status of borrower Pariod Number of times
★Undergraduate students
★Women's College students
★Foreign students
★Bekka students
2 weeks Up to 3 times
★Faculty and Staff
★Graduate students
★Correspondence students
4 weeks Once

※If your books are overdue, you cannot renew that.
Q : How do I renew books?
A : There are 2 ways to renew books as below : online from the library website or visiting 
        the library.
   We recommend renewing materials online from the library website using a PC or a cell 
(1)  Please go to the library website and click My Library.
Then you will need to enter your ID card number and your password same as your PC account.
Click(Renew). You will be able to renew the item.
(2) Please come to the Service Counter on the 1st floor with your book and ID card.
Q : Why am I having problems renewing?
A : You will not be able to renew books for one of the following reasons.
 1) You have overdue books or other library items.
 2) Someone has reserved the book and is waiting for you to return it.
 3) They are journals. (graduate students/faculty)
 4) You renewed more than 3 times.
 5) They were borrowed from the Soka Women’s College Library.
Q : When can I come to renew my library materials?
      Basic opening time is below.
Monday-Friday 8:30-21:00
Saturday 9:00-21:00
Sunday 10:00-19:00

* Holiday : Closed
You may also renew anytime through online from my library page of the library website.