Returning Items

Returning Policies

Q.Where should I return books?
A. There are 5 places to return books.
   1) Library Service Counter on the 1st floor.
   2) Book return post at the Central Library entrance.
   3) Book return post at the Central Tower east entrance on the 4th floor.
   4) Book return post at the Global Square entrance.
   5) Book return post at the Faculty of science and Engineering E building entrance.
  When using the book return post, please follow the rules below.
   1) Please do not put any visual /audio material in the book return post.
   2) Book return post collection times.
       If the next day is Holiday, Saturday or Sunday, Collect day is next library open day.
       The day you insert books into the book return post is not equal to the retuning day.
       If you use the book return post, please have a margin for time to return.
Q.I have items overdue. What should I do?
A. Please return them to the library as soon as possible.
     Penalties apply according to the overdue time period (see Overdue Policy).
Q.Can I return library materials by mail?
A. You may return library materials by mail. However the sender will be responsible  
     for delivery costs.
     Soka University Library, 1-236 Tangi machi, Hachioji City,Tokyo,192-8577


Overdue Policies

1) You are penalized 7-days if you have materials that are overdue 8-31 days.
2) You are penalized 31-days if you have materials that are overdue more than 32 days.
    Note: Penalty days will accrue even though that 1 book is overdue.
  *Penalty days are counted by calendar days, even if the library is closed.
Q.What library privileges or services will be affected by having overdue books ?
A.You will not be able to do the following;
1) You cannot borrow any library materials.
2) You cannot renew any books (includes books you have currently borrowed).
3) You cannot reserve any books.
4) You cannot reserve or borrow any books from the Women’s College Library. 
 ●The following penalties apply to materials overdue more than 8 days after.   
     These services will become available return of the overdue materials.
    1) You cannot make library purchase requests.
    2) You cannot access materials in the Closed Stack Rooms. 
    3) You cannot enter the Central Library Closed Stack Rooms.
    4) You cannot use Private Reading Rooms or Group Study Rooms.
    5) You cannot use library AV materials.
    6) You cannot request for letters of introduction to other university libraries.
    7) You cannot participate in any library orientations.
    8) You cannot use notebook computer and electronic dictionary in library.