Regulations for Teachers and Professors are below.
●Rules for Visual content:
   DVD and Video tapes for study purposes in classes and seminars can be borrowed for one
   week (only for teachers). 

Copy machine

When you make copies by personal research expense, please follow steps as below. 
1) Copy machines in the reading room and the stack room on the 1st floor:
   Because these copy machines are coin type, please pay fee by yourself once and offer the
   amount at the 1F counter.
   Please give the receipt to the faculty office later on.
2) Microfilm:
   Please fill the number of sheets in specific form and turn in it to the 1F counter.
   ※You do not need to pay in a cash. We send the form to the faculty office later on.

   Black & White: 10 yen per sheet of any size
   Color: 50 yen per sheet of any size

Recommended or Assigned book

When sending an application for a recommended or assigned book, please use the following methods.
1) Library post in the faculty office
2) Inter-campus mail or bring to library
3) Sending by Fax to Library office
4) Sending an attachment file by e-mail to Library office

Usage after Retirement

After retirement from University, please ask Library staff for further details about the usage.

Usage for part-time lecturers

Usage for part-time teachers is the same as full-time teachers, but please note below.
1) Apply for using:
   Please fill out the prescribed form to register at the 1F counter. 
   You can use library on the day.
2)Using Databases:
   You can use databases as same as full-time teachers.
3)Restriction of ILL:
   If you are a full-time teacher of other University,
   please ask ILL through the other University library.
   If your regular occupation is not a University teacher, please ask us about ILL.

Recommendation Books

Full-time Teachers and part-time lecturers can apply recommend books through the year.
You may apply it anytime but you have to apply western books until the end of December because of shipping.
Applications over phone will not be taken.
1) Check: Homepage – Search – Basic Search
   (if the book is not listed, you can make a recommendation)
2) Mark a point at book reviews of newspapers, parts of catalogs and write your affiliation,
   name and fax it or put it into inter-campus mail boxes.
   You can also bring it directly to the library.

Review Journals

Academic Journals are not easily suspended nor renewed therefore, once in two years the journals will be revalued (in consideration of the budget) and also the back number will be also examined at the same time.
We may not accept your request if its a part of the electronic journal package because our basic policy for purchasing foreign journals after year of 2008 became electronic journals.

Return Research Books and Materials

■Teachers who will retire within the school year
  Please return all books and materials that you bought by expense of Soka University to the
  The library staff will visit to your office and collect them if you offer.
■Teachers who are incumbent
  1)Period: May, July, October, December, February
  2)How to apply:
   ・No apply needed. 
   ・Put the books into cardboards and leave them in your office with your name on it during 
    the operation period.
■Transaction after Returning
  1)If the library needs the materials, 
     they will be made for library use after rearrangement.
  2)If the library does not need the materials, they will be removed, given away, 
     sold or rejected. 

Reserve Books for Faculty of Letters

■How to apply
  1)Application Period:
    First semester (until the end of January), Second semester (until the end of June)
    Please fill out an application form (Purchase / Deposit) and submit books to the library.
    Please put into library post in the faculty office or send by inter-campus mail.
    Books, Journals, Dissertation copies, and Audio-visuals
  4)In case of purchase:
    The materials have to be a must for studying the course, such as report assignments,
    exams and discussions.
    ※If the same material is asked from several teachers please request once with one
       Please coordinate among teachers.
    ※The number of purchase per a course is free but it is limited up to 30,000 yen.
       3 same books can be purchased within 20,000 yen total: 1 for non-circulating,
       2 for check-out.
    ※If required books are already held in the library we will purchase the shortage.
    ※Budget: We will take the expense.