If you would like to visit and tour the library, make a request at the Service Counter on the 1st floor. 


1) Students interested in entering Soka University in the future 
2) Citizens or groups who are interested in using the library collections or services.
3) Groups with university or library-related affiliations.

1) Visitors are not allowed to use reading materials, copy machines, or other library
2) A letter of introduction is required for visits to use reading materials in the library
   See this page for details.  
3) Citizens of Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, and Yamanashi (over 18 years old and
   high school students) may use our library if you apply.
   Please see at this page for details

Library Guide

Make appointments in advance if you wish for library staff to give you a tour of the library.  ※Weekdays only
If you are planning a group visit, one representative must e-mail( or fax (042-691-9308)
the library the following information to set up an appointment. 
You will receive a reply in 2-3 days.
・Your name
・Group name
・Phone number
・Date of visit
・Areas or materials of interest
・Do you need a librarian to give you a tour of the library?  (Yes/No)
・Other requests


1) If you would like to visit and look around our library,
   please take a Visitor Card found at the entrance and bring it to the Service Counter
   on the 1st floor. 
   ※All visits are welcome during Open Campus events.
2) If you have already contacted us in advance, please inform a librarian at the counter.
3) If you have not made an appointment in advance,
   you will be required to fill-out a form your name, address, and other information.
4) In the case of 2) or 3), you will be given a visitor’s tag to wear.
5) Please return the visitor’s pass to the counter at the end of your visit.


1) Please keep quiet in the reading areas because students are studying.
2) You may not use a mobile phone in the library except in the 2F Browsing room.
3) You may eat and drink only in the 2F Browsing room.

Please refrain from doing things below during visits:
1) Reading and copying materials.
2) Using the reading desk for long hours.
3) Having meetings in the Browsing Room.
4) Using personal study materials or personal computers.
5) Using library’s PCs.
※We reserve the right to ask those who have not made appointments or filled-in proper
   forms to leave the library at once.