Other Institutions


Persons who belong to other institutions such as those stated below may use the Central Library in the range of the interlibrary loan systems in their respective university. 

(1) Universities and Colleges
(2) High schools and Technical Schools
(3) Research Institutes and Organizations


You will be allowed access to the following resources and services.

(1) Reading materials in the library
(2) Checking out materials
(3) Photocopying materials
(4) Searching through our collections
   (Make your request to use our library through your institution’s library prior to your visit to 
   Soka University)

Library Visits

A Letter of Introduction is required from your institution and grants you permission to enter and use resources in our library under the following conditions. 

・Use is permitted during normal library operating hours
 (except during examination periods). 
・Restrictions may apply to resources permitted to check out.
・You or your institution is liable for damage to materials or library facilities during your 

Check Out

To check out or our view materials found in our collections, please use appropriate procedures through your institution’s library or the interlibrary loan system. 
Resources listed below are for in-library use only. 

(1) Rare Books
(2) Non-circulating materials
(3) Audio Visual materials
(4) Damaged materials

※Check out period is within 4weeks, including time for delivery.
※The library of your institution will be responsible for the material while it is checked out
   (loaned) to you.  You or your institution’s library is liable for lost or damaged materials.


Follow the directions below to make photocopy requests of materials found in our collections.  Photocopies are allowed for research and educational purposes only.

1) Make a request through your library and we will process recess and send the materials to
    your library by mail. 
    *Please pick up the materials at your library. 
2) Visit our library in person and copy the resources by yourself. 

※Copy fees:  (by mail) 40 yen per sheet   (in person) 10 yen per sheet
※Photocopying is allowed within the boundaries of the 31st article of copyright laws.
※Electronic resources printing also must abide by copyright laws.
※Photocopying of whole texts is only permitted under the following conditions..

1. The material is not copyright protected.
2. The copyright has expired.
3. The out-of-print material is to be photocopied to be shelved in the library making the 
4. You have already obtained permission by the author.

Search Materials

To check out our or view materials found in our collections, please use appropriate procedures through your institution’s library or the interlibrary loan system. 


Your library will be charged for the cost of copies and postage.

For Inquiries

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