Disability Access

We provide the following services in the library for persons with disabilities. 
We will continue to improve these services in order to create a barrier-free library environment. 
We kindly ask for you patience and understanding during this process.

Entrance & Exit

For persons using wheelchairs, a slope leading to an entrance and an elevator is located on the side of the library
(Ikeda Auditorium side).

1) Press the intercom button located on the wall and a library staff will open the door for
   you to enter.
2) Use the elevator to go from the first to fifth floors.
3) All doors leading to the reading areas are automatic. 


A lavatory room (with a warning device) for wheelchair users is located on the 5th floor.
※Wheelchair: One wheelchair is available in case of emergency and is located at 1F


・Reading desks
  ※2 reading desks for wheelchair users have been placed on the south side of 4F reading
・Reading magnifiers are available for use.  Request for one at 1F counter.
・We apologize for the current lack of space between bookshelves for wheelchairs.
・The library is currently not equipped with Voice Reading Machines, Braille Copy Machines, 
 computers with voice composition systems or Braille displays.


Feel free to ask for library assistance at 1F in any of the following situations.
・Help search for resources 
・Retrieve books
・Fill-out request forms: We will try our best to help you with your library needs.
*We are sorry that we cannot accept Reading Assistance requests.


The library currently lacks materials for the visually-impaired.
(e.g., resources written in Braille)

Information Desk

Contact the library if you have any questions or ask the librarian
TEL:    042-691-3191
FAX:    042-691-9308
E-mail: sokaulib@soka.ac.jp