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ジャパンナレッジ新コンテンツ 「有斐閣 判例六法Professional」を追加


本日89日(火)に、ジャパンナレッジLibの新コンテンツとして、「有斐閣 判例六法Professional」(有斐閣)を公開しましたのでご案内いたします。



「有斐閣 判例六法Professional」は、的確な判例要約を明快な見出しで体系的に分類整理した、実務家向け判例付き六法の決定版です。









Dear JapanKnowledge customers,


Thank you very much for using JapanKnowledge Lib. 

This informs you that "Yuhikaku's Statutes and Precedents for Professionals" (YUHIKAKU PUBLISHING CO., LTD.) has been added as a JapanKnowledge Lib content on August 9th.


[Content Information]

The definitive Roppo (the six Japanese codes of laws) with precedents for practitioners. Pertinent precedent summaries have been systematically classified and organized under clear headings.


Contains a rich abundance of legal texts for reference based on the Complete Roppo published by Yuhikaku, the byword for statute books.


Roughly 13,700 carefully selected precedent summaries. Carries helpful related information of all kinds as hints for precedent study and research, including references to the Hanrei Hyakusen Series (The 100 Selected Precedents Series) and commentaries on important precedents that are attached to the precedent summaries.


Features of the Reiwa 4 (2022) Edition

Contains information on important legal amendments, such as in the Civil Law Real Property Registration Act (land of unknown ownership), Act on the Protection of Personal Information (unification of legislation on personal information protection laws), the National Public Service Act (retirement age), and the Juveniles Act.



The JapanKnowledge edition has been designed for ease of movement within pages and to refer to precedents and other material, with a button to display legal texts for reference in the main text screen and two-way links between precedents and texts, as well as a table of contents for each law or regulation name. A link to the overall table of contents is also displayed at the top of each law or regulation name. Quick access to other laws and regulations is also enabled.